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Is accesible parking provided?

Is the main entrance step free?

Are the main doors wide enough for a wheelchair?

Are all primary functions accessible?

Are restrooms available?

Are they wheelchair accessible?

Does the venue have accessible bedrooms?

Are rooms available with a roll-in shower?

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Access Earth is a community of people working to make travel easy and equal. Our mission is to empower more people to embark on new adventures.

Access Earth members give each other the specific information they need to try new restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions without worrying about accessibility.

‘Accessible’ means something different to each of us. That’s why Access Earth members can search and share specific, relevant accessibility information based on our set criteria.

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“Because accessibility is more than just ramps and large bathroom stalls.”

“Driving social change is at the heart of the company, and pushing for a better business attitude and culture toward accessibility, rather than having it viewed as an afterthought or burden.”

“The future looks bright for this determined little startup.”

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